Executive Protection Services

Afridelta Protection Services Close Protection Officers are seasoned former Special Forces Operators, Presidential Protection Officers, Police Officers and Soldiers whom have been responsible for the Protection and safety of The Honourable former Presidents Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma (Locally & Internationally in Hostile Areas) as well as Foreign Heads of State and other Dignitaries. Operating all over the world, especially in hot zones/hostile environments, has given us the opportunity to work and learn from diverse communities. Professionalism is paramount to us and the Safety and image of our Client is of utmost Importance to us.

  • Executive Protection Planning and Coordination
  • Executive Close Protection Officers
  • Risk Assessment of threats, vulnerabilities, routes, venues, etc
  • Advance personal security planning for domestic and international visits
  • Executive Protection services for home, office, and travel
  • Overt or Covert Specialist Protection
  • Life Support Services - Relocation of Expatriates
  • Liaison with local Law Enforcement, Security personnel and Emergency services
  • General daily security and protective services

Counter Assault Team

Afridelta Protection Services members of the Counter Assault Team (CAT) are skilled Close Protection Officers that are further trained in Advanced VIP-Counter Assault Level. Specially trained for Combat to engage attacks whilst on foot, structure and in motorcade. This is in contrast to the Close Protection Team whose mission is to shield the VIP from an attack and to evacuate the VIP to a place of safety. In the event a VIP, the VIP's vehicle or a protected site is attacked by multiple assailants, CAT is responsible for engaging and overcoming, diverting the attackers thereby enabling the close protection team time to evacuate the VIP to a safe area.

CAT Role:

  • Deploy when there is a higher threat locally
  • VIP is travelling into a Hostile environment Internationally
  • Ensuring added protection to safeguard the Client
  • Joint advance team to secure high risk route’s and venues.
  • Tactical risk management
  • Part of the formations and motorcades providing a tactical outer layer around the core team and VIP
  • Provide all round defence as well high ground cover.
  • Counter surveillance
  • Contingency Planning
  • Helicopter Operations
  • Extraction of the VIP

Life Support

Afridelta has the experts you can trust to make your move to South Africa easier.

Relocation of Expatriates locally in South Africa:

  • Locating safe accommodation within a secure environment
  • Securing Expats Compound/Homes/Office
  • Orientation
  • Legal Advice/Assistance
  • Security Drivers
  • Close Protection Officers (Covert or Overt)
  • Planning of Events
  • Advance personal security planning for domestic and international visits.
  • Security at Events

Internationally, especially in a Hostile Zone:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Setting up Base/Compound in a Hostile Zone
  • Securing the Compound/ Guard Force
  • Protection Services
  • Hospitality
  • Liaison with local Government
  • Emergency Evacuation


Afridelta has the capability to deploy highly trained and experienced personnel, as required, locally or internationally into a Hostile Environment. These seasoned and skilled Operators comprise of:

  • Former Special Forces Operators, Police Officers and Soldiers
  • Planning Officers - client protection, major events and liaison with local government & role players
  • CPO’s - Close Protection Officers
  • CAT - Counter Assault Team
  • Guard Force for Compound/Installation defense.
  • QRF - Quick Reaction Force on compound and for teams that are operational, outside the perimeters.
  • Life Support personnel to set up and run a compound defense including hospitality and a medical clinic.
  • At least 75% of Afridelta’s operational personnel, in addition to English speak Portuguese fluently (Made up of mostly former Soldiers from the South African Defense Force and which majority have operated in Iraq/Middle East.
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