Specialised Training

We have a team of security industry experts who have extensive operational experience in hostile environments. These experts gained their foundational training and experience in organisations such as the two Elite Special Forces of South Africa, Police and Military and are also qualified Instructors, Accessors and Facilitators. They are passionate about providing candidates with the best theoretical and practical training possible, to produce well trained and disciplined security personnel/specialists.

The accredited Training Academy that we have partnered with in South Africa is accredited to train candidates in multiple security related disciplines. The Training Academy has 6 accredited shooting ranges for side arms, carbines and rifles including long ranges. The Training facility is self-sufficient for lecture rooms, study aids, accommodation, healthy meals and can accommodate both male and female candidates.

* All training candidates will be screened/vetted.


Specialist Courses

Afridelta Protection Services Training Team offers the following Security/Specialist courses:

Firearms Training

The course duration is 2-3 days full time depending on the level of the trainee.

The following modules, amongst others, will be included in the course:-

  • Weapon Handling (safety, ballistics, pistol, shotgun, sub-machine gun and assault rifle)
  • Basic Weapon Disciplines (immediate action drills, mag changes, stances and varied distances)
  • Firearm competencies including business purposes.
Tactical / SWAT

Basic Tactical to empower a trained security officer to a tactical level. Duration is 2 weeks full time. The following modules, amongst others, will be included in the course:-

  • Body Conditioning
  • Situational awareness
  • Tactical Equipment
  • Advanced Weapon Handling
    • Weapon Disciplines
    • Immediate Action Drills
    • Shooting Positions
    • Instinctive firing 360’
    • Multiple Targets
    • Stress firing,
    • Mobility shooting ,
    • Cover - Static cover, Cover to cover
    • Transitional drills,
    • Low light/Night shooting)
  • Legal, Restraint & Arrest Procedures
  • Scenario Based Training- Tactical application, dry and live fire,
  • Vehicles- Tactical stopping and approach of vehicles on foot and in vehicles
  • Unarmed and Armed Combat (ASP Baton)
  • Explosives awareness
  • Medical - Levels 1 & 2
  • Advanced Driving
  • Navigation
  • Operational Planning - Routes, Venues
  • Scenario Based Training- Tactical application, dry and live fire
Advance Tactical

For security personnel who have successfully completed Basic Tactical and wish to empower themselves to an Advance Tactical level.Duration is 2 weeks full time. The following modules, amongst others, will be included in the course:-

  • Body Conditioning
  • Introduction to the Criminal mind and Modus Operandi
  • Approach and preservation of a crime scene awareness
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance awareness
  • Navigation
  • Advanced Weapon Handling (Weapon Disciplines
    • Tactical Movements with weapons
    • Shooting Positions with combinations
    • Instinctive firing 360’ with movement
    • Stress firing,
    • Mobility shooting with multiple targets
    • Cover – Cover to Cover with a buddy
    • Shooting out of vehicles- Static and Rolling
  • Tactical Ranges
  • Specialised Security Equipment
  • Scaling Techniques
  • Vehicle Manoeuvers
  • Offensive and Defensive Driving
  • Shooting out of Vehicles
  • Vehicle immobilised drills
  • Vehicle Transfers of injured personnel and equipment
  • Unarmed and Armed Combat (Self Defence with Knife)
  • Dealing with an explosion scene (Criminal/Commercial)
  • Medical - Level 3 in an Operational environment
  • CQB - Close Quarter Battle
  • Mechanical Dynamic Breaching Techniques
  • Room Clearance in a Security environment
  • Tactical Extraction
  • Operational Planning - Routes, Venues, Arrest
  • Scenario Based Training- Tactical application, dry and live fire

*NB: All weapon handling aspects is done on an Advanced Level from Basic Tactical.

VIP Protection / Close Protection / Personal Security Detail

This is a specialist course and the duration is 5-6 weeks full time dependent on the level of prior training. This course is presented on an International Standard.
Modules that will be presented during this course, amongst others:

  • Introduction to close protection
  • General duties and structure of a close protection team
  • Etiquette and Protocols
  • Weapon Handling (safety, discipline, ballistics, pistol, assault rifle and shotgun)
  • Basic shooting (immediate action drills, mag changes, stances, instinctive firing and distances)
  • Communication Systems
  • Foot Formations
  • Vehicle Procedures (Positioning, Embus and Debus)
  • Immediate Action Drills (Contact and evacuation of the Principal, Vehicle manoeuvres)
  • Navigation
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance awareness
  • Criminal and Terrorism awareness and the close protection operative
  • Motorcades - Convoy, Advanced, Defensive and Offensive driving
  • Operational Advance Planning - Routes, Venues, Foreign destinations
  • Command and control
  • Unarmed and Armed Combat (ASP Baton)
  • Explosives awareness
  • Medical - Levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Evaluation and Assessments –Live Scenario’s
Presidential Protection

Presidential Close Protection course Only presented to Presidential Protection candidates or existing Presidential Close Protection Officers to bring them on par with an international standard. This course is presented on an advanced level to that of the civilian course considering the threat profile.

Counter Assault Course / Advanced Close Protection Course

The Counter Assault/ Advanced Close Protection is a 5 week Course which trains and prepares qualified CPO Operatives for operations within harsh and hostile environments. This intense advance course is delivered by former Special Forces Operators who have extensive operational experience in hostile environments. Candidates are exposed to real life scenarios which provide them insight to the realities of operating in such life threatening situations. Modules that will be presented during this course:

  • Candidate Assessment and Evaluation (medical, physical, psychological, tactical readiness)
  • Legal, Restraint & Arrest Procedures
  • Communication Systems
  • Unarmed and Armed Combat (Knife Defense)
  • Advance Contingency Planning
  • Advanced Weapon Handling (pistol, shotgun, sub-machine gun and assault rifle)
  • Weapon Disciplines (instinctive firing, static cover, cover to cover with principal,mobility shooting, transitional drills, shooting out of vehicles, night shooting)
  • Shooting in VIP foot formations with Principal with all weapons
  • Tactical vehicle manoeuvres, tactical application, dry and live fire, tactical approach of suspect vehicles on foot and in vehicles)
  • Motorcade Evacuation Drills-Vehicle immobilised - Vehicle transfers
  • Extraction and Evacuation of a Principal
  • Medical Evacuation in Contact
  • Scenario Based Training - Advanced Shooting and Contact Scenarios.
  • Assessment and evaluation Demonstration of acquired competencies to Assessors.
Crowd Management

The course in crowd management is a 3 week full time course. This course is usually given to security companies or government organisations.
The following modules will be included in this course:-

  • Psychological preparation
  • Physical preparation
  • Legal implications
  • Body armor
  • Pyrotechnical aids
  • Use of pepper spray
  • Use of batons
  • Use of water cannons
  • Crowd management
  • Formations
Corporate Security Awareness

The threat of violent crimes and kidnapping in South and terrorism that is now a global threat with regions previously unaffected by terror threats now in the front line of attack. Countries, organizations, especially companies and individuals who travel abroad on projects need to be aware of the threats of terrorism, kidnapping, violent crime and how it could affect them and interventions that they could implement to mitigate the threats of terror. Our Corporate Security awareness course addresses these factors and course attendees go away from this course with knowledge on this subject and preventive measures. The under mentioned modules, amongst others, are presented during this course:-

  • Overview of Violent Crimes and Kidnapping in South Africa.
  • Case studies of Kidnappings and Terrorism worldwide.
  • Kidnap awareness, avoidance and survival.
  • Defensive mechanisms.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Immediate Action Drills to Structural Attacks, Chemical and Biological attacks.

Afridelta Protection Services would like to empower its clients to reduce their exposure to such Life Threatening  Incidents.

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